Care instructions for a heart rate sensor with textile strap


The heart rate sensor is a high-tech instrument that should be handled with care. Follow the caring instructions to ensure reliable measurement and to maximize the life span of the heart rate sensor.


  • Detach the connector from the strap after every use and dry the connector with a soft towel.
  • Note that you must detach both sides of the connector from the strap to keep the snaps from oxidizing and the battery from wearing out.
  • Clean the connector with a mild soap and water solution when needed. Never use alcohol or any abrasive material (steel, wool or cleaning chemicals). Never put the connector in a washing machine or dryer.


  • Rinse the strap under running water after every use and hang to dry.
  • Wash the strap regularly in lukewarm water with a mild dish or hand soap. Rinse the strap thoroughly after washing and hang to dry. Do not use moisturizing soaps, because they can leave residue on the strap. Do not soak, iron, dry clean or bleach the strap. Do not stretch the strap or bend the electrode areas sharply.
  • Wash the strap before long-term storage, and always after use in pool water with high chlorine content.
  • You can also wash the strap in a washing machine. Check the label on your strap for detailed washing instructions. We recommend using a wash bag. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Remember to detach the connector from the strap before washing. Never put the strap or the connector in a dryer!

Dirt impairs the elasticity and functioning of the strap. Wash the strap regularly to keep it functioning properly and to maximize its life span. Remember, the strap doesn’t last forever; it wears out like any other garment you wear and wash regularly. Straps are available as accessory when yours gets worn out.


  • Dry and store the heart rate sensor strap and the connector separately to maximize the heart rate sensor battery life.
  • Keep the heart rate sensor in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not store the heart rate sensor wet in non-breathing material, such as a sports bag, to prevent snap oxidation.
  • Do not expose the heart rate sensor to direct sunlight for extended periods.

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