If Polar IrDA USB Adapter is not Working

1. Check that the Polar IrDA USB Adapter is compatible with your Polar product.

2. Check the data transfer instructions for the software you are connecting with. For ProTrainer 5, see How to Transfer Data to Polar ProTrainer 5 via IrDA. Depending on your system, recognizing the Polar product might take a moment. Please be patient.

3. If you are using Polar PC software (e.g. WebLink, ProTrainer 5), check that you have the latest update available. For example in ProTrainer, go to Help ? Check for updates. For more information, see Related documents.

4. If you still cannot transfer data:a. Check that the adapter light flashes. If no light flashing or the light is solid, unplug and re-plug the adapter into the USB port.
b. If you are using a HUB, try instead to plug the Polar IrDA USB Adapter directly to your computer’s USB port to eliminate the HUB as the cause for the trouble.
c. Check that the adapter is plugged into the same USB port it was in when you installed the driver.
d. In the Device Manager, check that the Polar IrDA USB Adapter is working properly.

In Windows XP: on computer desktop, right-click on My Computer and select Properties ? Hardware ? Device Manager or go to Start ? Settings ? Control Panel ? System ? Hardware ? Device Manager.
Windows Vista / 7: Start ? Control Panel ? Device Manager.

If you can find the IrDA adapter in the Device Manager but you cannot make it work, try removing and reinstalling the drivers for the adapter.
If the device is not working properly, you can update the driver from the Device Manager (Polar IrDA USB adapter drivers).

e. Check that you have the correct settings in the compatible Polar software. For example in ProTrainer 5, go to Options ? Preferences ? Hardware ? IR Communication Port, select IrDA.

If you still cannot transfer data from your Polar product with your Polar IrDA Adapter, the IrDA device could be broken. In this case, please contact Polar distributor near you.

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