How do I share images along with my training sessions?

Starting with Polar Flow app v.3.2 you can share images with your training data and map snapshots of your training routes.

You can share your past training sessions from your Feed or from your training calendar. Just look for the sharing icon, tap it and choose your preferred sharing method.

Feed  or    ►  

  • Snapshot is an option to share the image of your training route if you have a training session recorded with GPS on.
  • Use Gallery sharing option to share an image you already have in your photo gallery and overlay training data from your session to it.
  • Take a photo right there to share the image and your training data for example when you've just finished the training and have synced the training with Flow. 
  • Edit your creation by trying the different photo shapes: square, landscape or portrait, to fit your photo. Or use the filters on the bottom to change the mood.

Note that currently images aren't transferred to WhatsApp from Flow app iOS automatically. When sharing an image only the hashtag appears in the message but the image is not transferred. You can add the image manually from your phone’s Photo/Video Library in the same way as you would add an image to a regular WhatsApp message.



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