How does Polar s3+ compare to Polar s3 Stride Sensor?

The Polar s3+ stride sensor is an improved version of the previous Polar s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D.

The s3+ stride sensor

  • Works better when running fast (>20km/h) and therefore offers improved accuracy at higher speeds.

  • Reacts slightly faster to changing speed, especially beneficial improvement when doing sprints.

  • Performs better in changing environmental temperature due to an integrated temperature sensor which minimizes temperature's influence on measurement. Earlier stride sensors didn't compensate the temperature.

  • Offers improved speed readings. The speed signal in the previous stride sensor could sometimes have some noise which then showed as spikes in the speed curve. With the s3+ there are no reported cases to date.

  • Has longer battery life for the benefit of the occasional runner. This is made possible by the three different power modes s3+ has. Each of the power modes uses different amount of battery charge. From the Measuring mode the sensor goes to Stand By mode two minutes after ending exercise recording. If the sensor is not touched for the next 10 minutes, the sensor goes to Deep Sleep mode. The slightest movement will wake up the sensor and returns it to Stand By mode. There is no Deep Sleep mode in Polar s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D. to optimize battery charge when the sensor is stored.

  • Has a renewed shoe attachment. The new attachment is compatible with both stride sensors.

  • Now comes in black.

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