Charging G5 GPS Sensors Battery

Polar G5 GPS has an internal, rechargeable battery, which cannot be removed. Using the USB to micro USB charger cable that comes with the product set, charge G5 via a USB connection on your computer. If you want to plug the USB connector to a wall outlet, use a USB power adapter.

1. Plug the micro USB connector into the USB port in G5 (see arrow in picture).

2. Plug the USB connector into a computer USB port. It is recommended not to use USB hubs because a USB hub may not supply enough power for the G5.

3. The state of charge LED light is static red while charging. If the battery is completely discharged, it may take some time before the light turns on.
If the light does not turn on, try another USB port on your computer.
The battery is damaged if the state of charge LED flashes in red and green instead of being static red when charging the battery. Contact an authorized Polar Service Center if the battery is damaged.

4. Charging the battery full takes up to two hours. When G5 is fully charged, the LED light is static green. Disconnect the charger cable.

Battery will be 70-80% full after just one hour of charging. The operating time of a fully charged battery is approximately 20 hours. The battery operation time is an estimation. It varies depending on operating conditions (e.g. high or low temperatures) and battery aging. Operating time is significantly reduced in temperatures well below freezing

Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. You can charge and discharge the battery over 300 times before a notable decrease in it's capacity. The number of charge cycles also vary by use and operating conditions.

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