What if the Polar Fitness Test does not work out?

If your wrist unit does not succeed to receive your heart rate at the beginning or during the test, the test will fail (Test Failed on the display). Remember to moisten the electrodes of the transmitter and see that the elastic strap is snug enough. Check that your wrist unit is inside the transmission range being no further than 1 meter/3 feet from the transmitter. The unit should not be too near the transmitter either, have your hands beside your body. See that the heart symbol flashes regularly when you start the test. If you have FT40, FT60 or FT80 training computer see that the 'Heart rate found' text is displayed at the beginning of the test.

The test has been developed for healthy adults aged 20-65 years. If your heart beat reading or 'Heart rate found' text is shown on the display before the test, but the test still fails, it may be caused by cardiac arrythmia. Certain types of cardiac arrythmia (many abnormal heart beat intervals) may cause failure of the test. These include e.g. atrial fibrillation or flutter, atrioventricular conduction block, and sinus arrythmia.

Also healthy people may, however, have occasional cardiac arrythmia that leads to failure of the test. These situations are rare, and usually have to do with stress. It is advised to repeat the test when you are less stressed. Sometimes carrying the test out in a sitting position decreases the arrythmia and the test succeeds.

To get a reliable test result, remember to follow the basic instructions to carry out the Polar Fitness Test.