WebSync 1.x Software Update to WebSync 2.x

Polar WebSync 2.x is a software used to transfer data from Polar FT7/FT60/FT80/RS300X to the web service.

WebSync 1.x.x and WebSync 2.x versions cannot be run on the same computer at the same time. Before updating a new version of WebSync, exit the WebSync version running on the computer and remove/uninstall it via Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features.

1. Close the WebSync from the system tray (right click icon and select Exit).
2. Select Start(Settings →) Control PanelAdd or remove programs / Programs and Features.
3. Select Polar WebSync from program list and click Remove / Uninstall.
4. Select Polar Daemon from program list and click Remove / Uninstall.

5. Check that the following foldes can not be found:
C:\Program Files\Polar\Daemon
C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar WebSync.

6. Download and install Polar WebSync 2.x software.

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