WebLink Error Messages


If Polar WebLink encounters an error while transferring data from the Polar product to the, it will give one of the following error-messages. Please follow the suggestions below to solve the issue.

No answer from your Polar


  • WebLink does not recognize the start of the data transfer. Please check that you are starting the data transfer in the correct order. It is important that the data transfer is first started from the WebLink software and only once WebLink is 'Listening' should you start the transfer from your Polar product. See related documents for further information.

Errors in synchronization

  • Please retry the data transfer.

  • Check that you are starting the data transfer in the correct order as instructed in related documents.

  • Adjust your sound settings so that the bar indicating the sound level stays in the middle of the bar during the whole data transfer. You can do that either by adjusting your microphone sound level or moving the unit closer to or away from the microphone.

  • See document If CS300/CS200/F11/F6/RS200 data transfer does not work for further information.

Login failed ... Please, check your Username and Password.


  • Check your Username and Password in WebLink Settings.

- Username is your email address.
- Do not use any special characters like o with dots or exclamation mark in your password.

  • Check that you are able to log in to the

An error occurred in opening sound card connection. Please, check your sound card settings.

  • Close other programs and try the communication again.

  • Windows Sound Recorder or another program using sound card is open while attempting the data transfer via SonicLink. Close the Windows Sound Recorder or the other program and try the communication again.

Another application is using your sound card. Close that application and try again. Also check recording settings.

  • Close that application and try again.

  • Check recording settings.

  • Close other programs that use the computer's microphone.

Error starting connection!

  • On IrDA, check that no other program is using the infrared port. Some programs poll the infrared port continuously and thus are blocking other programs' access to the infrared port.

  • Please retry.

No sound card found.

  • Check that the sound card exists and it is enabled and that the required drivers are installed and working. You can check this in the Windows Control Panel.

Required sound recording format is not supported by your sound card.

  • The voice modem may interfere with the transmission. If it is enabled, uncheck it and try the transmission again. You can check the settings in the Windows Control Panel.

  • Close other programs and try the communication again.

  • Check that the drivers for the sound card are installed and the sound card is working properly. You can check the settings in the Windows Control Panel.

Your Polar product is not supported by this version of WebLink.

Connection failed ... Server replied with error code xxxx. See log for details. Please try again later.
Couldn't connect to server ... please check network settings!
Connection failed ... an unknown error happened during connection!

  • Check that you have an active Internet connection.

  • Make sure that your firewall allows WebLink to transfer data to and from the internet.

  • If the error persists despite having checked the internet connection and firewall, please open the Log, copy the text and send it to

The server is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance downtime or excessive load. Please try again later.

  • Usually happens during server restart for a short period of time. Try again.

The server reported an error while processing your data. If the problem persists, please report error id (number) to Polar HelpDesk.

  • Send the error id to for further investigation.

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