Update file for Polar Precision Performance SW

To update your Polar Precision Performance SW, run the update file from here.

Version: 4.03.050

Date: 20.12.2007
Size: 3.16 MB

Download Notes
You will need to have Windows® 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP operating system in your computer to be able use this software version.

It is recommended that you Run the update file. However, if this is not possible, then select Save to save the update file to your disk.
Save the update file to a folder that does not contain your current software installation.


If you are using Polar IR Interface for USB port you must run the PolarUSB.exe before plugging in the USB connector for the first time.
The IR Interface cannot be connected to the PC during the installation. The PolarUSB.exe is executed during the installation,
when installing the Polar Precision Performance SW version 3.02.007 or later from the Toolkit CD.
Select Help About from the software's menubar to check the version.

The update file contains fixes to the previous software version.

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