Two Pairs of Shoes – One Calibration Factor

With Polar RS800 and Polar RS400 training computers you can enter two pairs of shoes to keep track of their usage. The two pairs of shoes share one calibration factor on the monitor. In other words, when you switch from one pair of shoes to another the calibration factor needs to be changed as well. Calibration factor is not automatically modified when you change your shoe settings.

You can create sport profiles in the software and have an individual calibration factor associated with each profile. This is handy if you want to exercise with different shoes used on different terrains and find it difficult to change the calibration factor separately each time. You can, for instance, create one profile road running and another for trekking and associate different calibration factors with each.

1. Connecting the Polar product to the software by clicking Edit Polar Product Settings.

2. Go to Exercise page and create a phased exercise (or edit an already existing one).

Sport Profile can only be attached to phased exercises

3. In the Sport Profile section, select sport-specific settings. Choose the shoes you wish to use, and enter the calibration factor.

The monitor allows 10 ready-made exercises and each of them can have its own sports profile. On the monitor, the sports list is found in Settings Exercise.

You can find sample plans in the ProTrainer folder located by default at C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\Samples.