The tanita scale is not working.

In BodyAge™, click System Settings / Test Environment and make sure the tanita scale is selected on the Body Composition tab.
Also make sure that the correct port is selected. Com 1 would be used if you plug the tanita scale into a Com port on the back of the computer (if the computer has one).
Scroll down to the bottom of the Com ports, device ports 1 and 2 are the 2 ports on the 700 interface (the device that the scale/calipers plug into).
If you do not see the device ports, try to detect the interface. The only thing that works on the device ports is the tanita scale.
Make sure the tanita scale is in RS mode. Check that the cable is properly connected at both ends. The tanita scale uses a null modem cable, not a standard rs-232 serial cable.