The Scale/Calipers/Sit&Reach/Blood Pressure is not working.

a) In the BodyAge™ program, click System Settings / Test Environment. On the General tab, click the Detect button. One of the ports should say ‘Polar interface box, version xx’. That tells you that the computer is communicating with the 700iu (interface), if it is, see if the hardware is now working. If it is not communicating with the 700iu, check that the green power LED indicator is lit on the front of the 700iu. Check that the power cable (black) is plugged in to the back of 700iu if the LED is not on. If the LED is on, check that the usb cable is plugged in to the back of the 700iu, & the other end is plugged in to the pc. Try to detect again.
b) In Windows , right-click MyComputer, left-click Properties, click the Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button (or in Win/7 right-click Computer, left-click Properties and click Device Manager in the upper left). In Device Manager, the 700iu should show up as USB Serial Port under Ports, and as a USB High Speed Serial Converter under USB Controllers. If the drivers do not show up properly in Device Manager, unplug the USB cable from the back of the 700iu and restart the pc. After restarting, plug the USB cable back in. If you are prompted to install the drivers by an Add New Hardware Wizard, insert the Polar BodyAge™ cdrom, the drivers are in the \programfiles\polar\polar\drivers folder on the cd. Try to Detect the 700iu again. Once it is detected, the hardware should work. Note: USB WILL NOT work for the 700iu on other language operating systems other than US English. Other countries should be using the rs-232 serial cable, not the usb cable.
c) If you are using a serial cable instead of a usb cable to connect the interface to the computer, the interface should detect on the com port, usually Com 1 or 2. If you doesn’t detect, you can try removing the com port in device manager, then restart the computer, it should automatically reinstall the port. Try to detect again.
d) Make sure the scale/calipers/rom/bp are plugged into the 700iu.
e) In the BodyAge™ program, click System Settings / Calibrations. Click the drop-down box next to Calibration Type & select the piece of equipment that is not working. There are 3 items that need to be calibrated, the Load Platform, Skinfold Calipers & Sit & Reach. Notice the Current Calibration number for each of the 3. It should not be a zero. If it’s zero, the calibration needs to be done again. If you calibrate and end up with a zero, make sure you can detect the interface. Click Calibrate to calibrate the equipment. It is best to have 2 people when calibrating the equipment, one person reads the instructions on the screen, & the second person follows the instructions. Calibration instructions are in the BodyAge™ manual which shipped with the system. Take your time, the equipment will only work as accurately as you calibrate it, or it won’t work at all if you don’t follow the instructions properly. If you get a message that the calibration failed, try calibrating again being extra careful that you are following the exact instructions on the screen If successful you will get an OK message next to the calibration number. After calibrating, check to see if the equipment is working.
f) Blood Pressure: Make sure the interface is detected. Check the connections for the cuff, disconnect & reconnect them to make sure it’s not loose. Make sure that you are putting the cuff on properly. It should be snug enough that you can just fit two fingers between the cuff and the arm. You should be using the proper sized cuff for each client. Generally, you would use the medium sized cuff for most people. Use the small cuff for children, and the large cuff for large people. Make sure the client is sitting down, not moving or talking during the test. Make sure the Pump-to is set to 160 when you are doing the test. If it’s still not working, contact technical support.

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