The FA20 Activity Computer - more than your everyday Pedometer

The daily movements you make can have beneficial effects on your health, whether it’s walking around your house or backpacking in the mountains. With the innovative and easy-to-use Polar FA20, you can see proof that your physical activity is having an impact on your overall fitness and monitor whether you are moving enough. Whether you’re a recreational exerciser or an outdoor buff, the simplicity of the FA20 will inspire you towards a more fit and active lifestyle.

The FA20 activity computer is similar to a pedometer. Both are strapless and measure your active steps, however, the FA20 also tracks:

- Calories burned
- Distance covered
- Duration of your activity
- Activity level
- Fitness improvement on, our free online web service. Optional FlowLink® accessory is required.
Also, unlike most walking pedometers, the FA20 provides 24/7 Activity Measurement, a unique Polar feature that provides instant feedback and can guide you towards a more active lifestyle. Get started today! Increase your fitness - watch our FA20 demo video.

FA20 video: