Team2 - Troubleshooting for Blue 2 light at the base station, when using wireless network connection in XP

If the wireless network connection does not work between base station and PC:

Make sure that your PC is trying to connect to the base station:

1. Select Start Control Panel Network connections.
Or if you are using some other program than the Windows default, check the wireless network settings via the software your are using.
2. Right-click Wireless Network Connection and select View Available Wireless Networks.
3. Wait for couple of seconds while the computer searches the networks.

If Team2_XXXXXXXX does not appear on the list:


  • Refresh the list by clicking Refresh network list on the left panel.

  • Make sure the Team2 software is running.

  • Make sure the base station is switched on.

  • If there are visible light indicators in your Wi-Fi adapter, check that they are flashing. The flashing means that the connection is working.

  • If you have a separate on/off switch for your Wi-Fi adapter (e.g. touch button on your laptop's keyboard), make sure the adapter is switched on.

  • Make sure that your wireless connection adapter is enabled:

Select Start Control Panel Network Connections.

If the context menu includes option Enable the adapter is Disabled. Select Enable.

4. Select Team2_XXXXXXXX from the networks list and click Connect.
5. Computer asks you to give the wireless network key.
6. Check Team2_XXXXXXXX is Connected.


  • Make sure you are using the correct wireless network key. To find out the wireless network keya. Connect your PC and the base station with the Ethernet cable.b. Open Team2 PC software.c. Select Tools → Preferences.d. Select the Base station/USB Dongle tab.The wireless network key is shown in the Password input field.



  • Check that IP address of the base station is 192.168.42.x (x can be any number):

a. Select Start Control Panel Network connections.

b. Right-click Local Area Connection and select Status. The status is displayed on the first page.
c. Select Support tab. The IP address is displayed.
If the IP address is something else, click Repair. If this does not help, reboot your PC.

Some computers block the WiFi connection automatically if the Ethernet cable is plugged in, even though the WiFi adapter is enabled. If this is the case, remove the Ethernet cable from the PC connector.
Some computers block the WiFi connection automatically if you are using a docking station. If this is the case, remove the laptop from the docking station.

When all of the above is checked:

  • Close the software and switch off the base station.

  • Switch on the base station and wait until blue light 1 is on. Start the software again.

  • Reboot your PC.

  • Update wireless connection adapter drivers (adapter manufacturer's web site).

If the wireless connection works between the PDA and the base station but not between the PC and the base station, the problem is most likely in your PC settings.

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