Swimming with your Polar product?

All of our monitors may be used for swimming with the exception of the RS800CX, RCX3, RC3 and CS600x.

The Polar T-Series transmitters (T31, T31C and T61) utilize a one-piece design that encases all of the electrical components inside of the unit. The Polar T-Series transmitters have no battery compartment or O-ring seal to cause leaking or failure and does not have exposed electronics to cause corrosion. This is why a Polar T-Series transmitters are the only 100% waterproof transmitters available on the market today.

The receivers are water resistant to 20, 30, 50 or 100 meters depending on the model. To maintain the water resistance, do not operate the buttons of the Polar wrist receiver under water.

Some models are equipped with a Wearlink Transmitter. The Wearlink Transmitter is a soft transmitter with a changeable battery. The electrodes are encased in a fabric strap which attaches to a small plastic transmitter. Although the Wearlink Transmitter is water-resistant, the T-Series transmitters are 100% waterproof and are always recommended for any water sport activity.

Heart rate measurement in a water environment is technically demanding for the following reasons:

Pool water with a high chlorine content and seawater may be very conductive and the electrodes of a transmitter may get short circuited and ECG signals cannot be detected by the transmitter unit.

Jumping into the water or strenuous muscle movement during competitive swimming may cause water resistance that shifts the transmitter on the body to a location where it is not possible to pick up the ECG signal.

The ECG signal strength varies depending on the individual's tissue composition. The percentage of people who have problems in heart rate measuring is considerably higher in a water environment than in other use.

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