Shortcut buttons in Polar CS400/CS600/CS600X cycling computers

You can use some buttons on your Polar CS400/CS600/CS600X as shortcuts to different functions. Just press and hold the button for one second.

Press and hold the Back button to return to time view at any point.

In Time view press and hold:
- Light button to enter Quick menu where you can lock buttons, set reminder and alarm, change time zone and set the training computer to sleep mode.
- Up button to change watch face.
- OK button to start training session recording.
- Down button to change time zone.

During the training press and hold
- Light to enter Quick menu where you can lock buttons, set Autoscroll and Target zone alarm functions ON/OFF, change heart rate view or set Arrival Time function ON/OFF. In addition to these, with CS400 you can set HeartTouch and AutoLap functions ON/OFF and with CS600/CS600X take Seek sensor action.
- Down to zoom the display.

Light button in File → Exercise log
- Deletes the selected training file or adds information (rank, feeling, temperature and distance).

Down button in exercise wait mode
- Switches between the bikes.

Up button in exercise wait mode
- Changes the exercise type.