Running Index in RS800CX and RCX5

Running Index is calculated during every exercise when heart rate and s3+/s3 stride sensor or G5/G3 GPS sensor signal is recorded, and when the following requirements apply:

  • speed should be 6km/h / 3,75 mi/h or faster and duration 12 minutes minimum.

  • heart rate should be above 40% of HRmax.

When using RS800CX training computer with G5/G3 GPS sensor, Running Index is not shown in File or in ProTrainer 5 software if you have selected None mode for the exercise. To get Running Index value, select one of the shoes (Shoe1/Shoe2/Shoe3) to be used and enable G5/G3 GPS sensor.

RS800CX: When you get Check S sensor message, press OK to confirm. Soon after you will be able to see the speed and distance data sent by G5/G3 GPS sensor.
After training you will see Running Index both in File and in ProTrainer 5 software.

RCX5: After training you will see Running Index both in Data → Training files and in web service.
Running Index is shown if stride sensor data is available. Running Index is shown also if the used sport is running type, and there are heart rate and speed data available.

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