Race Pace in RCX5

Race Pace feature helps you to keep steady speed/pace and achieve your target time for a set distance. Define a target time for the distance, for example, 45 minutes for a 10 kilometer run.

During the training session the target pace/speed is compared with training information. You can follow up on how far behind or ahead you are, compared to your pre-set target.

You can also check what is the required steady pace/speed in order to meet your set target.

Race Pace feature and ZoneOptimizer can not be used in same training session. The ZoneOptimizer definition is always done in the beginning of the training session, before the actual work phase starts. It is then very difficult to start the race pace measurement in the right location.

How to Set On Race Pace Feature in RCX5
Before starting to use Race Pace feature, make sure that you have enabled a speed sensor (CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. or s3+/s3 stride sensor or G3/G5 GPS sensor) for the sport profile you are going to use in your training session.

If you are using s3+/s3 make sure the sensor is calibrated for the target speed.

1. In Time mode press Up or Down to enter Menu.
2. Select Applications with Up/Down button and press OK.
3. Select Race pace and press OK.

Speed sensor required is shown if you have not enabled any speed sensor. See Related Documents for further information.

4. Select the desired sport and press OK.
5. Select Set race pace and press OK.
6. Set target distance, Kilometers/ Miles is shown. Press Up/Down button to adjust the distance. Press OK.
7. Set target time is shown. Adjust Hours and press OK. Adjust Minutes and Seconds with Up/Down button and press OK.
8. Race pace set to xx:xx km/h, min/km, min/mi or mph is displayed.

Train with Race Pace
1. To start training session with the Race Pace in time mode press Up or Down to enter Menu.
2. Select Applications with Up/Down button and press OK.
3. Select Race pace and press OK.
4. Select the sport and press OK.
5. Select Start session with race pace and press OK.
Race Pace set to xx:xx is displayed. You can now start your training session.

6. Sport is shown and sensor search starts. Press OK to start the training session.

/ / : Tells if you are ahead or behind the target pace.
(shown icon depends on used sport type)
-0:57: Time behind (+) / ahead (-)
If there are only sport type icon shown you are heading according to set time.
5:05 min/km: Speed/pace needed to achieve the target.
This is pace that you need to follow until the set time is reached in order to gain your set target.
The value takes into account your speed so far and changes according to time you have left.
9:2 km: Distance left to reach the target.
Current speed/pace
Current heart rate

After you have reached the set distance view changes to show your current pace and heart rate.

How to Create Race Pace Target in polarpersonaltrainer.com
You can also create Race Pace target in polarpersonaltrainer.com and synchronize it to your RCX5.
Click on future in the polarpersonaltrainer.com Diary and select Add New - Race Pace Target.
Fill in the fields including target distance and time.
Save the target.

When you next time synchronize your RCX5 training computer via WebSync software, the Race Pace target is transferred to your unit.
To start the transferred Race Pace exercise press Up or Down button in Time mode to enter Menu.
Select Program and press OK.
Select the Race Pace exercise and press OK to start the exercise.
If you synchronize your data to polarpersonaltrainer.com after training, race pace is displayed in the training result in polarpersonaltrainer.com. Race Pace tab in training result shows you the curve of selected training data and a map of your route if GPS data is available. The blue horizontal line in the curve indicates the steady pace needed to finish the set distance in time.
Place your mouse over the curve to see your heart rate and distance at that point of the training session.
You will see also speed needed to reach the target, time difference, and distance difference at that point.
You can also see your location on the map at that point.