Protrainer 5: Planning Feature - Sending Polar Training Plan

So you have created a training plan in the Polar Protrainer 5 software and you want to send it to a training partner who also utilizes a Polar with PT5 support. Here is how to do it.
Assuming you have created a plan using this tutorial, and your calendar has your plan visible.
First you want to export the training plan, in PT5 click on Tools > Training Plan

Click on the “Export Training Plan” button and set the date range outlining the amount of pre-planned exercises in your calendar.

Now give the plan file a name – be sure to keep the file type at the end of the name, PT5 plans are .PPLZ files.
I named this one Week1.pplz

Now the Plan(pplz) file is saved on your computer.
Open up your email and compose a message.

Click to attach a file to your message and navigate to the Polar Folder on your C-drive.

The exported plan will be located in the “Library” directory. Select the exported plan, attach and send it!