Polar UpLink Tool Software

Transfer wrist unit settings and logos from PC to your Polar product

With Polar UpLink Tool you can edit your Polar product settings and transfer those easily to your Polar product. Moreover, you can design your own logo to personalize your wrist unit.

To use Polar UpLink Tool you need to have a sound card and loudspeakers as the software uses audio transmission.

The Polar UpLink Tool is compatible with the following Polar products: AXN300, AXN500, AXN700, CS100, CS200, CS300, F4, F6, F7, F11, F55, RS100, RS200, S120, S150, S210, S410, S510, S520, S610, S610i, S625X, S710, S710i, S720i, S725, S725X, S810 and S810i.

Install Polar UpLink Tool here

Release date: 13.11.2008
Version: 1.61
Size: 1,75 Mb

- To be able to run Polar UpLink Tool SW you need a PC with Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003 or Vista.
- To transfer settings via Polar UpLink, you need a sound card and dynamic loudspeakers/headphones.
- You can change software language by pressing F1 at main screen and selecting your preferred language.
- Do not wear the transmitter, when using the Polar UpLink Tool as it may give interference to the data transfer between the wrist unit and the software.

How to download logos and edit settings with Polar UpLink Tool
Polar AXN300, AXN500 or AXN700
Polar CS100, CS200 or CS300
Polar F4
Polar F6, F7, F11 or F55
Polar RS100 or RS200

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