Polar RS800CX training computer sensors

Polar RS800CX training computer is compatible with the following sensors measuring speed and distance:

Polar s3 stride sensorTM W.I.N.D. measures running speed/pace and distance, as well as running cadence and stride length.

Polar G3 GPS sensorTM W.I.N.D. provides speed, distance and location data. It also gives track information for any outdoor sports. Track information uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

Polar CS Speed SensorTM W.I.N.D. measures speed and distance when cycling.

If you use Polar RS800CX to measure data from the G3 sensor and either the s3 or the CS sensor, the G3 GPS sensor is used for location and route tracking while the other sensor is used for speed and distance and other measuring. If the s3 or CS sensor should ever be out of range (for instance if the type of sport changes during training), the Training Computer will automatically start collecting speed and distance data from the G3 GPS sensor. This secures speed and distance measurement throughout your training session.

To start using the s3 stride sensor or the cycling speed sensor again, press long on the LIGHT button and select Seek sensor.