Polar Precision Performance SW System Requirements


System requirements for Polar Precision Performance SW


Operating System

Windows 98/SE/ME,2000 or XP (32-bit)

Processor At least Pentium 200 MHz
Memory (RAM) Minimum 32 Mb
Monitor At least SVGA resolution monitor ( 800*600 )
Data Port Serial port, USB port or IrDA supported internal IR port *


A dynamic speaker **
Microphone External or internal microphone ***
Sound Card Sound Blaster compatible ****

CD-ROM drive for the software installation

* Serial port is required if you are using Polar IR Interface for serial port
* USB port is required if you are using Polar IR Interface for USB port. With USB, the operating system should be Windows 98/SE/ME, 2000 and XP.
* IrDA supported internal IR port can be used with Polar S810i / S720i / S710i and S610i HR monitors.

** A dynamic speaker is needed for Polar UpLink data transmission that can be used with all S-series heart rate monitors. A dynamic speaker has a magnet inside. Usually laptops have piezoelectronic speakers that does not include magnet. A solution for laptops is to use headphones that normally have dynamic speakers. Via Polar UpLink you can upload settings from Polar Precision Performance software to a S-series heart rate monitor.

*** A microphone is needed for exercise data transmission via SonicLink from a heart rate monitor to Polar Precision Performance SW 4 or later.

**** A sound card is needed if you are using SonicLink data transmission or Polar UpLink. In practice, all current sound cards are Sound Blaster compatible.