Polar IR interface for USB on Vista

Polar IR interface for USB is supported for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and XP. It is not supported for Microsoft Vista. Some tests indicate, however, that Polar IR interface for USB drivers can be installed to a Vista operating system running on a 32-bit hardware. The infrared will not install on a 64 bit Vista because the drivers are not digitally signed.

The interface is compatible with these products:


  • Polar S610i / S610

  • Polar S720i / S710i / S710

  • Polar S725

  • Polar S725X / S625X

  • Polar S810i / S810

This device is no longer in production, which is there will not be further driver updates, for Vista or otherwise. The device is supported for Polar ProTrainer 5, Polar Precision Performance and Polar WebLink software.

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