Polar G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. and Polar G1 GPS sensor switch off after 15 min of immobility

Polar G3 and G1 GPS sensor automatically switches itself off if no satellite signals have been received for over 15 minutes, or if the sensor has been idle for over 15 minutes. This automatic switch-off will save battery. You can always opt to use G3/G1 GPS sensor in low-power mode to save battery. Low-power mode can increase battery life time even by 40%.
To activate the low power mode, press and hold the button on the G3 / G1 for five green battery indicator flashes. The battery indicator led flashes four times after which the blinking red led indicates that the low power is switched on.
Every time you turn the sensor on, the flashing battery led indicates which mode is activated. See more in Related Documents.

When you switch G3 GPS sensor on again, the RS800 finds the sensor automatically. To manually find the sensor, enter the exercise mode on the running computer → press and hold the Light button (top left) → select Seek sensor.
OK is displayed when the sensor is found.

G3 and G1 GPS sensors will automatically switch to full power mode if satellite visibility is poor.

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