Polar FlowLink Drivers for Microsoft® HealthVault

Polar FlowLink Training Computer Drivers for Microsoft® HealthVault is software used to transfer data from Polar FA20, FT40, FT60 and FT80 training computers to www.healthvault.com for web analysis. Microsoft® HealthVault is a free, privacy and security enhanced online service that lets you gather health data from many sources, store it in a single location, and share it with those you trust.

FlowLink is an USB data transfer unit. Microsoft Health Vault Connection Center is data transfer software for Microsoft® HealthVault health services. Polar WebSync is software for www.polarpersonaltrainer.com fitness and cross training services.

Both Microsoft Health Vault Connection Center and Polar WebSync can not be used on the same computer. Therefore you need to decide whether you want to transfer data to www.healthvault.com or to www.polarpersonaltrainer.com. You can change your decision simply by removing/installing support for other data transfer software.

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