Pair Transmitter with RCX5

Polar RCX5 training computer is compatible with Polar WearLink®, Polar WearLink® W.I.N.D. and Polar WearLink® Hybrid transmitters.

If you purchase a new WearLink Hybrid or WearLink W.I.N.D. transmitter as an accessory, you need to introduce the transmitter to the training computer. This is called pairing and it takes only a few seconds. Pairing ensures that your training computer receives signals from your accessory only, and enables disturbance-free training in a group.

There is no need to introduce a new Polar WearLink transmitter to the training computer. RCX5 will find the transmitter signal automatically.

Before entering an event or race, make sure that you do the pairing at home. This is to prevent interference due to the long-range data transmission.

To pair the transmitter
Wear the training computer and the transmitter, and make sure you are far (40 m/ 131 ft) from other WearLink Hybrid/W.I.N.D. transmitters.

1. In time mode press Up button to enter to the Menu.
2. Select Settings with Up or Down button and press OK.
3. Select Sport profiles and press OK.
4. Select one of the sports and press OK.
5. Select Heart rate transmitter and press OK.
6. Select Search new and press OK.
7. The training computer starts searching for the transmitter signal, Searching new heart rate transmitter is displayed.

When the new transmitter is identified, Heart rate transmitter is found is displayed. Pairing is complete.

If the search is not successful, Heart rate transmitter not found or Other heart rate transmitters interfering. Move further. , Try again? YES / NO is displayed.
Select YES to start the search again or NO to cancel the searching.

To return to time mode, press and hold Back button.

There can be only one transmitter paired to your RCX5. If you pair another transmitter to the training computer, the previous transmitter is removed from memory.