With Polar OwnZone you can determine a safe individual exercise zone that ranges from light to moderate intensity. During OwnZone determination your training computer guides you through the warm-up and automatically determines a safe and effective exercise heart rate zone − your OwnZone − while taking into account your current physical condition.

Polar training computers determine your OwnZone by measuring your heart rate variability during exercise warm up. If OwnZone determination fails for some reason, the training computer uses either earlier defined OwnZone or, if this is not available, age-based OwnZone. Age-based OwnZone is calculated from the predicted maximum heart rate of your age (220 – age).

For most adults OwnZone corresponds to 65-85 % of the maximum heart rate. You can safely exercise at the lower end of this scale even for extended periods. If your aim is to control weight with exercise, lower OwnZone intensity is often the best intensity level to use. By exercising at the upper end of the OwnZone scale you increase your cardiovascular fitness.

We recommend that you redefine your OwnZone whenever you change your exercise environment and/or your exercise mode or psychological state changes (e.g. you are feeling stressed).