The Polar OwnRelax® is a feature that reminds you of the importance of taking a break every day to relax and recharge. It is a quick way to test how relaxed your body is. The OwnRelax values are measured from your heart rate variability and depend on your heart rate during the test.

You can take the test anywhere, as long as the test environment is peaceful. There should be no disturbing noises. You should not read or talk. You should be lying down, relaxed and calm. Always repeat the test in similar conditions.

Have a relaxation session:


  • in the morning for a general relaxation check.

  • before training to check readiness for a planned workout.

  • after training for recovery detection.

  • whenever you feel a need to check your relaxation.

Interpreting the OwnRelax results
The higher your OwnRelax value is, the more relaxed your body is. Generally when your relaxation heart rate decreases, your OwnRelax value increases. If your relaxation heart rate increases, your OwnRelax value tends to show lower values. See table below for a quick guide:

Table 1. OwnRelax relation to heart rate.

Your OwnRelax value depends on your age, gender and heart rate. Table 2 gives you some reference values according to gender and age. It is important to remember, however, that the OwnRelax values are personal. The best way to interpret your own relaxation values is to follow your personal Relaxation Trend.

If your OwnRelax value is less than the average range, you are most likely less relaxed. If your OwnRelax value is higher than the average range, you are most likely well relaxed.

Table 2. OwnRelax (milliseconds) and relaxation heart rate (beats per minute) values according to age in men and women.1. Locate your relaxation heart rate level in the top line of the table and choose the corresponding column.2. Find your gender and age in the left column.3. Compare to average values for your gender and age groups.

Checking your Relaxation Trend
With the Relaxation Trend you can follow the changes in your OwnRelax and relaxation heart rate. The Relaxation Trend contains several OwnRelax values. When the Relaxation Trend memory gets full, the latest OwnRelax value replaces the oldest. See the user manual of your training computer on how to view OwnRelax Trend.

To store data for a longer period, you can transfer the Relaxation Trend to the polarpersonaltrainer.com web service.