Installing Polar IrDA 2.0 adapter to Vista

Polar IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter can be installed to Vista by using general IrDA drivers built-in to Vista on both the 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. This is a test example of an installation to a Microsoft Vista computer on 32-bit platform.

The procedure can be applied when installing Polar IrDA 2.0 adapter to Microsoft Vista on 64-bit platform.

Vista version used in the example:

1. When Polar IrDA 2.0 adapter is plugged into to the 32-bit Vista, the system finds the drivers automatically.

We recommend that you do not install the drivers that come with the Polar IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter. Even though they have worked on some occasions, tests and some customer experiences seem to indicate that the adapter's own drivers make it difficult to find Microsoft-provided drivers if needed. Polar IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter works best on Vista with Vista provided drivers.

Device Manager when Polar IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter is not yet plugged in:

Device Manager when Polar IrDA USB 2.0 Adapter is plugged into USB port:

2. To see driver details, double-click on USB 2.0 IrDA Bridge.

As the drivers are in-built to Microsoft Vista, you should find them on the system:

If you have trouble finding the drivers described here, please check that there is no registry or file corruption with your Vista installation. For further help, please contact Microsoft.

3. After driver installation when you connect an IrDA compatible Polar product with the Polar 2.0 IrDA adapter, an indication is given in the Taskbar.


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