How to update PPP SW another way


If the update file does not work for some reason, please try updating another way:

1. Double-click the update file. The first dialog of the updating process is opened on the screen. At the same time the update program extracts the contents of the update file to your hard disk.

2. In the Windows taskbar, select Start SearchFor Files or FoldersAll files and folders. In All or part of the file name, enter WZSE*.tmp. Click Search. Once this folder is found, double-click it to open it. Copy all files except Swupdate.exe and Swupdate.ini.

3. Paste the copied files to the C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Precision Performace folder.

4. Click Exit to exit the software update dialog. The update program removes the temporary folder.

5. Open the software and check that it is updated by selecting Help About.You should see the latest version number displayed.