How to transfer data from RS800CX PTE to

To transfer data from Polar RS800CX PTE to the you need to have Polar WebLink software and an internal infrared port or external IrDA-compatible infrared device in your computer.

Visit the Polar WebLink Software page from time to time for software updates.

To transfer exercises

  1. Start WebLink software and bring it to the stage where it is ready to start data transfer, but not yet started.

  2. Set your product to Connect mode and face it towards the infrared device. You should have this icon in the system tray (usually bottom right of your computer display) to indicate that you have established connection with the computer. If you have an internal IrDA port, please see that the Polar product and the laptop infrared windows are parallel to each other. You may help this by bringing the laptop closer to the edge of the table.

  3. Press the Start-button on the WebLink software. The WebLink software enters connecting mode.

  4. When the software finds your Polar product, "Connected to your Polar" text is displayed.

  5. After the successful data transfer number of files sent to is shown.

You will find the transferred exercises on the appropriate dates in the calendar.

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