How to transfer data from FA20/FT7/FT40/FT60/FT80/RS300X


This document is valid only for WebSync software version 1.3.5 or earlier. If you are using version WebSync 2.1 or later, please see instructions here.

You can transfer data from your Polar FA20, FT7, FT40, FT60, FT80 or RS300X product to online training diary.
To transfer data you need Polar FlowLink accessory and WebSync software.

Download and install Polar WebSync software from → Applications → Downloads, or go to Related documents below.
The installation wizard guides you through the installation.

Do not place FlowLink on a metallic base when transferring data.

After installing the WebSync software, follow the instructions below:


  1. Check that WebSync icon is shown on your computer taskbar. If the icon is not shown, start the WebSync from your computer desktop icon.

  2. Plug your FlowLink in the computer USB port.

  3. Set your Polar product face down on the FlowLink. FlowLink lights:The DATA lights up yellow when FlowLink is connected to your PC.The ALIGN lights up green, when the product is correctly aligned. Do not move the product during the data transfer! Even a slight movement will disrupt the data transfer.

  4. WebSync Settings opens. If WebSync Settings window does not open, right-click the WebSync logo on the taskbar and select Synchronize. Remove the training computer from the FlowLink and wait until the ALIGN symbol light turns off. Then replace the training computer onto the FlowLink.

  5. Click Continue.If you wish the FlowLink to automatically identify your product each time you place your product on it, select In the future, identify my Polar and skip this view. Click Continue.

  6. Enter your username and password.To transfer data you need to be registered at If you have not registered yet, click the Register here link.Select box Always transfer data from this Polar to my account if you wish the WebSync to automatically transfer your data. Select box Automatically open after synchronization if you wish the entry page to be opened automatically after data transfer. Click Continue.

  7. Select the data you want to have transferred. If you do not select automatic synchronization, the WebSync will ask you each time to define which data you want transferred to Continue.Synchronized data depends on your training computer.

  8. All the data has been transferred.When transferring the data next time, your Synchronization Settings define whether WebSync will transfer all data automatically, or whether you need to go through all the steps manually.