How to transfer data from F55 to

The F55 transfers data via WebLink software to the web service. You can download the WebLink software from the link below. Please check time to time that you are using the latest version of the software.


F55 transfer data via infrared. You need to have an internal infrared port or external IrDA compatible infrared device in your computer to transfer data.
Here are the instructions how to transfer data:



  • Start your WebLink and bring it to the stage where it is ready to start data transfer, but not yet started:

  • Set your unit to Connect mode by pressing OK button and then upper right button until Connect is displayed.

  • Bring the unit close to the infrared device. To ensure a continuous infrared beam contact between the F55 and the infrared device, set the unit at approximately 90° angle to the receiving infrared port. Place the infrared device within the infrared beam. The range of the infrared beam is 12 cm/ 4.7 inch at maximum.

The infrared beam is not visible to the human eye.


  • Press the Start button on the WebLink software.

The WebLink software is in Connecting mode:


  • When the software finds your Polar product "Connected to your Polar" is displayed

and percentage value starts running.

  • After the successful data transfer number of files sent to is shown.

Try to keep the F55 unit infrared window as level as possible to allow the infrared beam to hit the receiving device as directly as possible. If the infrared beam is at an angle, the data transfer may be interrupted.

If you have an internal infrared port, you may have to face it toward the edge of a level surface (e.g. a table) to be able to place the F55 wrist unit at as direct an angle as possible for data transfer.