How to transfer data from F11 to

The F11 transfers data via WebLink software. You can download WebLink software from the link below. Please check time to time that you are using the latest version of the software.


- Does the Polar F11 make chirping noises when transferring data?
- Are you able to record audio with your microphone?

Here are the instructions how to transfer exercises:

- Start your WebLink and bring it to the stage where it is ready to listen for the Polar Fitness monitor, but not yet started:

- Go to File - Send mode and put the backcase of your F11 close to the microphone, do NOT press the OK button yet to activate the transfer.
- Press the 'Listen'-button on the WebLink software:

- The WebLink software is in 'Listening'-mode.
- Press OK button of your Polar F11 and the data transfer starts (chirping noises).
- WebLink records the chirping and sends the exercise to the

It might take up to a few minutes or attempts to find the right distance between the back case of your Polar F11 and your microphone (between 0,5 and 15 cm), it depends of various factors (f.e. the microphone used -internal or headset-, the noise around, the position of your F11 etc.).