How to teach Polar G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. to your RS800 running computer?

To use the G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. you need to have the following settings on your RS800:

1. Switch the speed and distance function on by selecting Settings Features S sensorOn.

2. The RS800 has to be taught to communicate with the G3 sensor. The sensor must be turned on before teaching. Make sure there is no s3 sensor or other G3 sensors nearby. a. Select Settings Features S sensor New sensor. Teach new sensor? is displayed. b. Select Yes to confirm teaching. Completed! is displayed.

3. Calibration factor must be 1.000. because the sensor uses satellites for speed and distance calculation rather than your own stride.To set the calibration factor manually go to Settings Features S sensor Calibrate. Set the calibration factor to 1.000 and press OK. The sensor is now calibrated.