How to ensure the good speed signal reception in CS100/CS200/CS300/CS400?


Check the front side of the front fork to find a suitable place for the CS speed sensor. It is recommended that the cycling computer is attached to the handlebar. The maximum transmission range between the CS speed sensor and the receiver is 50 cm/19.5 in. However, the recommended distance is 30 - 40 cm/11 -15.7 in from the mounted cycling computer so that it is on the other side of the front fork than the cycling computer.

In case the cycling computer is attached to the stem or if you are exercising in surroundings with the electromagnetic interference, the distance should be as short as possible (maximum 30 cm). The cycling computer should also form an angle of approximately 90 degrees with the CS speed sensor.

In case of getting erratic readings from the speed sensor, try the following to improve the CS speed sensor reception.

1) Install the CS receiver and speed sensor as close as possible to each other. We recommend that the CS unit be installed on the opposite side of the bike from the CS speed sensor. For example, install the CS speed sensor on the left side of the fork and the CS receiver on the right side of the handle bar.

2) Place the CS receiver 10 - 15 cm/4 - 5.9 in from the handle bar point, directly above the CS speed sensor (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Best installation

You can extend the transmission range by installing the receiver directly above the CS speed sensor. However, at the same time the CS receiver may lose the CS speed sensor signal (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Good installation if less than 45 cm distance is not possible.

If you want to install the speed sensor onto your rear wheel, see if placing the bike mount and CS receiver on the top tube would give the needed range.

When using auto start/stop function without a transmitter, accidental auto stop may occur shortly after starting the exercise if assembly distances are not as instructed. When riding without a transmitter, wait until heart symbol disappears before starting the ride.