How to email exercise data on Team2 Pro

The Polar Team2 Pro offers a capability of sending exercise data via email to other Polar Team2 Pro users. This feature helps users in sharing the exercise data for example between fitness trainers, coaches and team's medical staff.

When training data will be shared between several coaches / players they all should have the same Team2 database in use. That way the emailed training data can be correctly assigned directly to the correct players.

If receiver of emailed training data does not have the same database in use all imported (Import training data) files are presented as “Unknown” user.

After Team2 Pro hardware has been setup and team roster is created take a database backup and share that backup with all coaches / players necessary.

The backup file can be found from Team2 application folder: C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Team2\data\backup. The filename ends with the date of the backup.

How to send exercise data via email

Go to File → Send Email

At send Email window you are able to choose if you wish to send current view as a picture or Training session files. When emailing exercise data choose Training session files.

Then, select the Date range i.e. the time period from which the exercise data is originated.

Select the player(s) whose exercise data you want to send. You can either choose All players or any combination from one player and up from the active team. Make sure that your selection(s) will have exercise files available (see Files column).

All players are selected

Only three players are selected

Click the Send button. Your default e-mail software opens. Training session files are an attachment.

If you use webmail such as Gmail, it may not start up automatically. In this case, you will need to add the training files as an attachment manually. The file can be found at C:\Documents and Settings\johndoe\Local Settings\Temp