How to e-mail exercise data

You can use any e-mail program to send your exercises from Polar ProTrainer 5 software.

To e-mail exercise data automatically from Polar softwareIf you have selected Automatic Mail System Detection, an e-mail with exercise data is automatically created to your default e-mail program. The exercises and diary data is packed in zip file(s) for e-mailing.
Automatic e-mailing can send up to two years of exercise data at a go. You may need to install Windows Live Mail program if you wish to use your web mail (e.g. Hotmail or Gmail) as your default e-mail client.

  1. In the Polar software, select one of the following:
    a) Go to File E-mail Exercise Data.
    b) Go to Calendar, right-click on the selected day and select E-mail Exercise Data from the drop-down list.
    c) Go to Training Diary Day Information, click the E-mail Exercise Data button.

  2. In the Send Exercise Data via E-mail dialog, select the data range. To send exercise data from one day, choose the Selected day's exercise data in Date Range.

  3. Click OK.
    The e-mail program opens and e-mail is automatically created.
    If your e-mail program does not start automatically when sending Polar data, check that the Polar software Automatic Mail System Detection feature is on.

Polar software uses the e-mail application given in your Microsoft Internet Explorer program settings. You can change the default e-mail program for instance by:

  1. Starting the MS Internet Explorer.
  2. Selecting ToolsInternet OptionsPrograms page.
    Windows Live Mail program can help you set up your webmail as your default mail client.

To e-mail exercise data manually from Polar software:

  1. Create a new e-mail message.
  2. Attach to the e-mail all .zip file(s) and .ppd file created by Polar Protrainer 5 software. You find the exercise zip files in your personal exercise folder. Default folder location is: C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\Person's name\Outbox. If you are using Windows Vista / 7, see ProTrainer 5 personlal data location on Windows Vista / 7.
  3. Include the information text given in the Send Exercise Data via E-Mail box. You can copy and paste the text: select the text, right-click and select Copy in the shortcut menu. Paste the text to the e-mail.
  4. Finish and send the e-mail.


 If you experience problems when using the E-mail Exercise Data feature (e.g. problems opening your e-mail application), disable the automatic mail system detection. In the Polar software

  1. Go to OptionsPreferencesGeneral page.
  2. In the Misc Settings, uncheck Automatic Mail System Detection.
  3. After disabling the Automatic Mail System Detection, create the e-mail manually.


Extracting exercise data to the target computer
Before attaching e-mailed exercise data, make sure you have the person created to the appropriate team.
To create a new person, enter the first name, last name, height and weight information. When the user exists in the calendar, all their personal information is automatically updated during each exercise data extraction.

For more information, see How to add a new person in the software online help. To open the Polar software online help, select HelpContents.

  1. Close the Polar software and use your computer’s resource management application (e.g. Microsoft Explorer) to save the received files in the sender’s Inbox folder.
    Default inbox location is at C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\Person's name\Inbox
    For data location on Windows Vista / 7, see here.

  2. Start the software. The files are automatically extracted to the right locations. During extraction the files are automatically deleted from the Inbox folder.
    If you had the Polar software running when attaching the files to the Inbox folder, close the software and then reopen it to extract the files.