How to customize your training computer display


You can customize your training computer display to show the information you find helpful during training. You can do this either directly on the training computer or via Polar ProTrainer 5 software.

Polar CS400/CS600/CS600X/RS400/RS800/RS800CX offers up to 5 different customizable display views for training. Each view shows 3 rows of data so that you get the best possible guidance on how you are doing during the training session.

If you are training with an exercise program downloaded from Polar ProTrainer 5 software, you get an extra display view that you cannot customize. For ready programs, please visit Polar Training Plan Bank.

To customize display on the training computer

1. In the Time display, press OK (red button).

2. Select Settings and press OK.

3. Select Display and press OK.

4. Select Edit and press OK.

5. Select the view you want to edit and press OK.

6. Select upper row information is displayed. Press OK.

7. Use Up and Down buttons to scroll through the available data. Press OK to confirm selected data.
Repeat to customize middle and bottom row information.

The available information depends on the training computer model, and which of its available features are enabled.

To edit displays via ProTrainer 5 software

1. Connect your training computer to the computer.
2. Click or select Tools Edit Polar Product Settings.
Connection window appears and settings data are read from your Polar product.

3. Select Product tab in the settings window.

4. Click Customize Display Sets and select the data you wish to see for each row in each display. Click OK.

Available display options depend on your training computer features.
In some models, you can edit displays also in Bikes or Run tab.
- Bikes tab gives option to customize each bike its own displays. Available display options depend on the sensors in use.
- Run tab gives option to customize displays when using speed/pace measurement.

5. Click Transfer. The edited settings are sent to your training computer.