How to create Polar STAR Training Program

To activate your Polar STAR Training Program

1. Go to Menu → Applications → Training program → Create new program. Select Yes and press the OK button.

2. Perform Polar Fitness Test if asked.

3. Select your training goal and press OK.
- Improve fitness if your target is to improve your current cardiovascular fitness level and you are able to train regularly.
- Maximize fitness if your target is to maximize your current cardiovascular fitness level, you have been training regularly for at least 10 -12 weeks, and training nearly every day is not a problem for you.
- Lose weight if you want to lose some weight and you are able to train for several hours a week. This option is only in the FT60.

Training program created! is shown on display.

4. View week targets? will appear automatically.
a) Select Yes to view the time and calorie targets for your first training week.

Press the DOWN and OK to view your target training time in three different target heart rate zones. To scroll between zones press DOWN.

Press the BACK button twice. Training program active! is displayed. To return to the Time view press and hold the BACK button.

b) Select No (display will show Training program active!) to return to Time view.