How to Teach a New Stride Sensor to RS800CX

Your Polar RS800CX training computer can be “taught” to work together with the several sensors to measure heart rate, speed/pace, distance and location data. To get speed/pace and distance data from your new Polar s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D or Polar s3+ stride sensor – purchased as an accessory – the sensor has to be introduced to your training computer. This teaching procedure takes only a few seconds. It enables disturbance-free exercise in a group.

Before entering an event or race, make sure that you do the teaching at home. This is to prevent interference due to the long-range data transmission.

You can have three sets of shoes (Shoe 1/2/3) on the training computer. Each set of shoes has to have the sensor separately taught. You can only teach one stride sensor to a set of shoes. You can use the same stride sensor on all the shoes and have an individual calibration factor for each, or shoes can each have their own stride sensor with individual calibration factors (e.g. 2 sets of shoes using the same stride sensor and a third set of shoes using another stride sensor).
If you teach a new stride sensor to a shoe which already have previously taught stride sensor in the memory, the new stride sensor always replaces the previous one.

To teach a new stride sensor
Before teaching make sure that there are no other stride sensors or GPS sensors nearby (40 m/131 ft). The stride sensor should be within 1,5 meters/5 ft of the Training Computer.

1. Select Settings Features Shoes/bikes Shoes 1/2/3 On.
Teach new sensor? is displayed.
2. Select YES to confirm teaching (Completed! is displayed), or NO to cancel teaching.
If you choose NO and have not taught any stride sensor earlier, speed and cadence information will not be shown during the exercise.
3. To return to time mode, press and hold the STOP button.
Once the Training Computer is taught to recognize a sensor, the recognizing is done even if you have had the sensor turned off on the training computer (e.g. Settings → Features → Shoes/bikes → Shoe 1/2/3 → Speed → Off). When the sensor is turned back on the next time (e.g. Settings → Features → Shoes/bikes → Shoe 1/2/3 → Speed → On), Teach new sensor? is displayed. Since the sensor is already taught, select NO and the monitor goes back to Shoe 1/2/3 menu.