How to Teach a New Sensor to RS800

Your Polar RS800 training computer has been “taught” to work together with WearLink transmitter W.I.N.D. and s3 stride sensor / G3 GPS sensor to measure heart rate, speed/pace, and distance data. In other words, your training computer receives signals only from your transmitter and stride sensor/GPS sensor, and enables disturbance-free exercise in a group.

If you purchase a new Polar WearLink transmitter W.I.N.D., Polar WearLink Hybrid transmitter, Polar s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D., Polar s3+ stride sensor or Polar G3 GPS sensor, it needs to be taught to your training computer. The procedure takes only a few seconds.
Before entering a running event, make sure to perform the teaching process at home. This is to prevent interference due to the long-range data transmission.
Teach a New Transmitter
Wear the transmitter and make sure that you are not near (20 m/66 ft) other WearLink W.I.N.D./Hybrid transmitters. In time mode, press OK. The running computer starts searching for the transmitter signal.
Once the new transmitter is identified, New WearLink found, Teach new WearLink? is displayed.


  • Select YES to confirm teaching. Completed! is displayed. Start exercise recording by pressing OK.

  • Select NO to cancel teaching.


There can be only one transmitter taught to your RS800.

Teach a new stirde sensor / G3 GPS Sensor
Select Settings → Features → S sensor → New sensor
Make sure you are not near (20 m/66 ft) other stride sensors. The sensor should be within 1,5 meters/5 ft of the training computer.
Teach new sensor? is displayed.

  • Select YES to confirm teaching. Completed! is displayed.

  • Select NO to cancel teaching. The training computer will not be able to measure speed/pace or distance data.

Your training computer can store up to four stride/ G3 GPS sensors in its memory. If this number is exceeded, the sensor least used will be replaced. The more sensors you have taught to the RS800, the longer it takes to find the correct one at the start of the exercise.

If you have more than one stride/ G3 GPS sensor taught to your RS800, at the beginning of the exercise walk with a pace faster than 3.5km/h. This ensures that the RS800 will pick up the signal of stride/ G3 GPS sensor currently attached to your shoe/arm rather than any of the other sensors in its memory, if they happen to be nearby.

Too many s sensors nearby is displayed when you have two or more sensors in the training computer's memory and your RS800 is within the transmission range of all of them while both/all of them are in motion when you start your exercise.

Sensor not found is displayed if you are trying to teach a sensor that is already taught to the RS800. The same sensor cannot be taught twice.

If teaching the sensor fails, please go to Settings Features S sensor and select Remove all before trying again. Remove all removes all stride/ G3 GPS sensors, but not the WearLink transmitter.