How to Link Polar WearLink®+ transmitter Nike+ with Nike+ SportBand

When using the Polar WearLink®+ transmitter Nike+ for the first time, you need to link the transmitter with your receiving device Nike+ SportBand.

Before linking make sure that there are no other transmitters or sensors nearby (40 m/131 ft).

1. Wear Polar WearLink®+ transmitter Nike+. Remember to moisten the electrode areas on the back of the transmitter.
2. Press and hold the SIDE button on the Nike SportBand for 3 seconds. A blinking LINK message appears on the SportBand display, followed by OK.
3. Transmitter has now been linked with Nike+ SportBand and you are ready to start your training.

For more information on the Nike+ SportBand, see the complete manual available at

Polar WearLink®+ transmitter Nike+ battery lifetime is 600h.