How to Carry Out OwnOptimizer Test

The test should be always taken in standardized/similar conditions in order to get the most reliable results. It is recommended to take the test in the morning before breakfast.

To get reliable test results, the following basic requirements apply:


  • You should be relaxed and calm.

  • You can be seated in a relaxed position or lying in bed. The position should always be the same when you do the test.

  • The test can take place anywhere – at home, in the office, at a health club – as long as the test environment is peaceful. There should be no disturbing noises (for example television, radio or telephone) or other people talking to you.

  • Avoid eating, drinking and smoking 2-3 hours prior to the test.

1. Wear the transmitter and the training computer.
2. In the time mode, press up or down button until Test(s) is shown. Press OK.
S625X/S725X: If you cannot find Tests menu, check that you have turned the function on in the Options menu.

3. Press up or down until Optimizer is shown. Press OK.
S625X/S725X: Your latest Training Optimizer Test information is displayed (date and your latest test value). If you are doing the baseline tests, scroll up or down until Baseline is displayed. Press OK.

4. Sit or lay down, relax and press OK button to start the test.
Lie down is displayed on the wrist unit. Arrows indicate the test is ongoing.
Do not move during this first part of the test, which lasts 3 minutes.

5. After 3 minutes, the wrist unit will beep and Stand up is displayed.
Stand up and remain standing still for 3 minutes.

6. After 3 minutes the wrist unit will beep again and the test is finished.

7. A numerical and written interpretation of the result is displayed. Press Down to see your average heart rate (bpm) while lying down (HRrest), the highest heart rate while standing up (HRpeak), and the average heart rate while standing (HRstand).

You can interrupt the test in any phase by pressing Stop. Optimizer Test canceled is displayed.

If the training computer cannot receive your heart rate signal, the message Test failed. Check WearLink is displayed. In which case, you should check that the transmitter electrodes are wet and that the textile strap fits snugly.