How is the Polar Fitness Test carried out

The test can take place anywhere as long as the environment is peaceful. After setting the user information lay down. Relax yourself for 1-3 minutes.

Start the fitness test.

It takes 3-5 minutes to carry out the test. Lie relaxed, do not raise arms or legs and avoid body movements during the test. Have your hands beside your body. Do not communicate with other people.

When the test is carried out the receiver beeps and the OwnIndex is showed on the display as following.

The result is stored in memory. If the wrist receiver does not receive your heart rate at the beginning or during the test, the test will fail. The receiver beeps two times and the words, FAILED TEST are showed on display. The receiver returns automatically back to FIT. TEST mode. Check that the transmitter electrodes are wet and the elastic strap is tight enough. Restart the test.

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