How do I change FT60 battery?

FT60 uses battery type CR2025.

To change the FT60 battery

Follow the steps, or see this video for instructions on how to change the battery.

1. Open the battery cover with a coin by turning it from Close to Open.

2. Remove the battery cover and carefully remove the battery with a suitable-sized small rigid stick or bar, such as a toothpick or small screwdriver. A non-metal tool is preferable. Be careful not to damage the metal sound element (*) or the grooves.

3. Insert a new battery facing the positive (+) side up.
4. Replace the old sealing ring with a new one, fitting it snugly in the cover groove to ensure water resistance.
5. Put the cover back on and turn clockwise to CLOSE.
6. 'Please enter basic settings' is displayed. Press and hold the BACK button to skip the Basic settings.

If you re-enter the Basic Settings, the training computer thinks there is a new user and the STAR Program is turned off.

7. Go to Settings mode and adjust time and date.
8. To return to Time mode, press and hold the BACK button. Now your FT60 can be used normally.

- Having alarm sounds enabled and using the backlight a lot will reduce battery life.
- Low battery indicator may appear when training in cold conditions. The indicator will disappear when the temperature rises.
- Transfer your data frequently to to store your training data.
A Polar-authorized service center uses Polar-approved components and gives a full periodic and water resistance check with every battery change.

Polar Service Centers will help you with any questions.

About battery lifetime

Battery lifetime depends highly on how much you use the product. For estimated average battery life of your Polar FT60, please refer to product user manual.

The battery is inserted at the factory. The actual life of the first battery, once the product is in your possession, can therefore feel shorter than what is estimated.