If F55 IR Data Transfer Does not Work


Before starting the data transfer, check that:

1. Your wrist unit is in CONNECT mode. To enter CONNECT mode, press OK and the upper right

2. The distance between the wrist unit and the IR Interface is as short as possible. The recommended maximum distance is 12 cm/4.7 ".

3. The connection icon is displayed in the notification area (also known as the system tray) on the bottom-right of your display.

4. There is not too much sunlight, because it may disturb the communication.

5. The wrist unit IR window and the infrared interface surface you are using are clean. A bleak surface may hinder the infrared communication.

6. There are no other infrared devices nearby.

7. The low battery indicator on the wrist unit display is not shown.

8. Your settings are correct in the WebLink software.

9. You are using an IrDA compatible infrared device to read the data.

Additional information:

- The F55 wrist unit automatically enters the Time of Day view when idle for five minutes.
- If IR transmission fails and you are in Infrared connect mode, press the back button to go back to Connect menu before trying IR transmission again.
- If your display is frozen and does not react to the pressing of the back button, and the unit has not been touched for 10 minutes, reset the wrist unit by simultaneously pressing and holding all the buttons down. The reset does not delete your exercise or user data.
- If the IR connection is terminated from the mobile phone (transfer automatic) or PC and the wrist unit does not enter the Time of Day view, some of your data may not have been transferred.
- If your battery is low, the IR data transfer is not affected. However, the general operation of the wrist unit is affected by low battery. The IR data transfer works until the battery runs out.