How to Download Logos and Edit Settings with Polar UpLink Tool (Polar F6, F7, F11 and F55)

1. To use Polar UpLink Tool, you will need dynamic loudspeakers/headphones and a sound card in your computer.

2. In the Time display of your wrist unit, press OK and toggle up to SETTINGS mode. Place the wrist unit less than 10 cm/ 4" from the
loudspeaker/headphones. Do not move the wrist unit during the data transfer.

3. Select the logo or settings you want to upload to your wrist unit and click on Transfer.
The upload to the wrist unit starts automatically

4. UpLink shows on the wrist unit display. The data transfer will make a chirping sound. Do not move the wrist unit during data transfer.

5. UpLink OK and a beep indicate that all settings are now transferred.

6. Press and hold the BACK button to return to the Time display.

Select F6 in UpLink Tool if you want to transfer logo or edit settings of your Polar F7.

If the data transfer was unsuccessful:

1. Remember not to wear the transmitter.
2. Bring the wrist unit closer to the loudspeakers/headphones.
3. Adjust the volume level of the loudspeakers/headphones. The volume may have been either too low or too loud.

Usually laptop loudspeakers are piezo type and thus not suitable for data transfer.

In the Time display, press and hold the upper right button to activate the new logo.