Google Earth not Showing Track in Windows Vista/7

Follow the steps below if Google Earth is not showing track opened from Polar ProTrainer 5 software and your are using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

It is possible that the Google Earth shows error Could not open the file or that earth opens but is not showing the track.

This is caused by Windows Vista/7 security feature. On Windows Vista and 7, after the initial installation of the software data writing to Program Files directory is not allowed. This is operating system security feature and causes the problem.

To solve the problem follow these steps:
1. Make sure you are logged in as Coach to ProTrainer 5 software.
Select Options → Switch Person. Enable Login as a Coach and click OK.
2. Close your calendar in ProTrainer 5 software but leave the software open. You can do that by selecting Windows Close All Windows.

3. Remove your name from the team.
Select Options → Teams and choose the team which member you are and click Edit.
On Members tab, select your name and click Remove.
Are you sure you want to remove the selected person? confirmation message is shown. Click Yes.

Removing person from the team does not delete the training data.
To be able remove person from the team, you can not be only member in the team. In case you are only team member add another person to the Team by clicking New button.

4. Bring your name back to the team by selecting Options → Teams and select the team you wish to be in.
Click Add and browse to the Virtual Store.
As default the Virtual Store can be found at: C:\Users\Windows user ID\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ProgramFiles\Polar\Polar ProTrainer
Select *.ppd file named after you name and click Open.
Your name is now again in the Team member list.
Close the view by clicking OK button and then the Cancel button.

5. Select Options → Switch Person and choose your name from the member list.
Open your calendar again by pressing the Calendar symbol in the toolbar and check that you are able to open the track of the desired exercise.

It's also possible to open the .gpx and .kml file in Google Earth directly.
Open Google Earth. Select Open - All files - select .gpx or .kml file from the list. Click Open.
If the above does not help, move your training data to some other than default folder. Create e.g. new folder C:\ProTrainer and move your data to that folder.
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