Data Transfer with Polar Cycling Computers

Polar Precision Performance Software

Polar Precision Performance software is a ground-breaking set of analysis tools for gathering and studying the data provided by your wrist unit. Using your own PC, you can transfer exercise data from your cycling computers (Polar S510, Polar S520, Polar S710, Polar S710i, Polar S720i, Polar S725 and Polar S725X) to your training diary and you can also build a personal resource of past routines, reports, and performance details, or send preset exercise settings and reminders to your Polar product using infrared communication.
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Transfer training data to is an interactive online service that completes your Polar Cycling Computer. Simply, register yourself first at
( ). After your exercise, the Polar WebLink software enables quick and easy training data transfer from Polar Cycling Computers
(Polar CS600, Polar CS400, Polar CS200, Polar CS300, Polar S510, Polar S520, Polar S710, Polar S710i, Polar S720i, Polar S725 and Polar S725X) to the for long-term follow-up.
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Mobile Connectivity

You can transfer your exercises from Polar S725 and Polar S725X Cycling Computer to a Nokia 5140i or 5140 mobile phone. Get instant feedback on your exercises by viewing heart rate, altitude, and speed curves as well as other detailed information on the mobile display.
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Create a training profile using personal settings

You can download sample Exercise Sets to your Polar wrist unit and let it guide you through the exercise session. You can also create your personal Exercise Set with the help of the Polar Precision Performance software.
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Edit wrist unit settings easily with your PC and personalize your wrist unit display with logos

Would you like to edit your Polar wrist unit settings with a computer? Or to personalize your wrist unit display with a logo? With Polar UpLink Tool you can do all that!
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Take a look at logos made by Polar designer or Polar product users worldwide here.
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